Blue Cards
Troop 30
Card is Filled Out. Now What?
Card is Filled Out
Merit Badge is Done.
  1. Give the card to the Merit Badge Counselor.*
  2. Complete the Merit Badge.

*Remember the card is "your" record of your progress. Most Counselors expect you to keep the card and bring it with you each time you visit them.

Merit Badge is Done. What Happens Now?

This section gives a step by step process of what to do when the scout has completed the Merit Badge.

  1. Let the counselor take their part of the Blue Card.
  2. Have the Scoutmaster Signoff the Blue Card showing that the Merit Badge is complete.
  3. Then give the Troop and Applicant parts of the card to the Advancement Chairperson.
  4. The card will be checked and processed to show the Merit Badge as part of your scout record.
  5. Then at the next Court of Honor or before, the scout will receive the Merit Badge and the Applicant part of the Blue Card.
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